Sea Lions for Service Members

This program brings recently returned post combat warriors to PMMC to engage in a free experience surrounding the rescue and rehabilitation of our patients.

Veterans are introduced to hazards in the animals’ environment created by humans. They witness how injured animals must integrate into the foreign environment of PMMC and how they are nursed back to health. Service members participate in the recovery of the animals and subsequently see someone they cared for go back home.

Along the way, veterans can identify with the struggle of animals that are fighting health battles. Through assisting the animals in the rehabilitation process, a healing process happens for both. Our goal is that, in witnessing the animals’ recovery and return to a normal life at sea, the experience provides a sense of hope that the veterans can draw upon to realize they can accomplish the same.

If you know a recently returned post combat veteran struggling to reintegrate into the civilian world who could benefit from this program please contact the Education Department. Due to the personalized and intense nature of this program as well as the season in which we rehabilitate animals, we can only accommodate a small number of veterans each year.

The Sea Lions for Service Members program can only continue with the generous contributions of people like you. If you would like to help us make a difference in the lives of post combat please donate below.