Chat with an Expert

(All Ages)


Curious about marine mammals? Chat with an expert about them! Topics include: marine mammals-general, marine mammal rescue and rehabilitation, marine mammal conservation and law, marine mammal research, or marine mammal careers. After our program speaker introduces him/herself, your audience takes the lead by asking questions within one of those topic areas.

Program Format

1. Program speaker will briefly introduce themselves and the organization

2. Audience will ask questions

3. Program speaker will answer

4. Discussion will ensue

Program Objective

Participants will:

1. Explore marine mammal topics 

2. Engage in discussion

3. Develop an appreciation for marine mammals and ocean conservation

4. Develop an appreciation for careers revolving around marine science

Connection Technology

We use Zoom to connect with participants. The education department will send you a link with instructions on how to connect with us for the program. In order to insure your presentation goes smoothly, we ask that you do not connect via WIFI. A cabled connection to the internet helps insure transmission of HD video files included in the presentation.