Educational & Symbolic Adoption Kits

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With each passing year, Pacific Marine Mammal Center is seeing greater numbers of seals and sea lions stranding on local beaches in desperate need of medical attention. You can help! By symbolically adopting one of four frequently rescued animal species, your tax-deductible gift will go towards helping our current patients recover and be returned to the wild. Each of these species represent hundreds of other current patients that need support to recover at Pacific Marine Mammal Center. Adoption kit costs also go towards veterinary research and educating the public on marine mammals and the protection of the ocean environment. Adopt a marine mammal today and make the difference in the lives of our patients! 

With each $50 adoption* you will receive

  • Commemorative plush

  • An animal story

  • PMMC Lunch Tote

  • Animal species card with animal facts

  • PMMC "How to Help" card with suggestions on how you can help protect our planet


* International adopters will be contacted regarding additional shipping costs (varies by country and location)